About Our Family Farm

Belanger Organic Farm

The Belanger family has been in Canada since the settlement of New France in 1600. Thus began a tradition of farming in Quebec, Ontario, and other parts of Canada and the US. The Belanger Family Farm began in 1945 when Onesime Belanger

purchased the Belanger farmland in Hillsdale, Ontario and began raising animals, dairying, baking and planting and selling crops commercially.

Since that time, three generations of Belanger men and their families have operated the farm that Onesime began.

His son, Eugene took over, and then Eugene’s son Peter followed by taking up the family tradition of farming. Peter, his wife Cathie and their 5 children took the farm from a small operation to one utilizing over 400 acres in owned and rented land.

Today, Peter’s son, Joshua Belanger proudly operates Belanger Organic Farm with help from the large extended family. The Belanger homestead and farm has come a long way in 67 years, in size and in passion. From it’s humble beginnings where growing and harvesting methods were simple, and though

the term wouldn’t be used for several decades, they were organic.

These safe and traditional methods of farming became recognized and appreciated with the advent of federal government ‘organic’ farm certification. A simple philosophy was behind the farm’s organic beginnings, “never sell anything that we would not enjoy eating ourselves.”

Today, the farm families remain true to their roots.  Although the Belanger Organic Farms has grown and continues to evolve, they still believe working with nature is always best – certified organic, all-natural, hormone, GMO, herbicide and pesticide-free – they are committed to high standards of soil and animal care for over half a century, and will continue to be for generations to come.

Family Farming for Four Generations

Pictured below are the four generations of Belangers who have maintained the farm. Left to right: Onesime Belanger who bought the homestead and began the farm, his son Eugene & wife Marie, Eugene’s son Peter (with wife Cathy) and Peter’s son Josh Belanger (pictured with his wife Stacey) who continues the organic farming tradition.

Onesime Belanger and his wife Mary Louise

Eugene Belanger (son of Onesime) and his wife Marie.

Peter Belanger (son of Eugene, grandson of Onesime) and his wife Cathy.

Josh Belanger (son of Peter, grandson of Eugene, great-grandson of Onesime) and his wife Stacey.

Extended Family

We have been blessed with new additions to our family farm operations! First, with Paul Belanger (Josh’s cousin) and his wife Anahita who bought the adjacent farm and hundreds of acres of farm land that we have rented for many many years. We will now be able to continue farming that same land for many many years going forward!

And most recently, Emily (Josh’s sister) and her husband Cody Morris moved back from northern Ontario to the farm and have bought another adjacent farm and will also be renting land to Belanger Organic Farms.

Paul and Anahita Belanger. Paul’s grandfather, James, and Josh’s grandfather, Eugene, were brothers.

Emily Belanger (Josh’s sister) and husband Cody Morris.