A Little About Our Beef

When we are blessed with a calf on the farm, we are thrilled and very concerned for their care.  Initially calves are fed milk from our own organic milk then at about two months they start on 100% Certified Organic feed – a nutritious blend of oats, peas, barley – crops we grow right here on our farm. As soon as the weather allows the cows are out to graze our organic pastures, as nature intended.

Weight of the animal determines whether is goes to market as veal or as beef. Our young beef goes to the abattoir at about 700-900 pounds live weight, resulting in a hanging weight of 300-350 pounds on average.

We want you to rest assured that our calves are well cared for, have plenty of room and are extremely healthy – simply contact us if you have any questions at all, we would love to hear from you.

Certified Organic Dairy Farming

We are now a certified organic milking farm. We are regulated by the Dairy Farmers of Ontario and all our milk is wholesale through the milk system.


Certified Organic Crops

Certified Organic means that throughout the entire farming process, from planting to watering, through to harvesting, we follow strict government guidelines regarding Organic Crops and Produce. We do not use ANY chemicals, no pesticides, no herbicides, no sewage sludge, we don’t even need to irrigate on our spring fed farm.  We pride ourselves on low impact farming with nature’s systems.