Organically Raised Lamb

We take great care in ensuring that our lambs are healthy, put to pasture to graze the local organic grasses and fed a nutritious diet of certified organic oats, peas, barley all grown right here on our farm.

We don’t use ANY additives when raising our lambs – no anti-biotics, no growth hormones, no acaricides – nothing you wouldn’t want your family consuming.

Organically Raised Veal

For the first two months our calves are fed a healthy diet of milk. At about two months of age, they start on 100% certified Organic feed – a nutritious diet of oats, peas, barley – certified organic crops grow right here on our farm, then out to graze our green, organic pastures.

Did you know? It is weight, not age, of the animal determines whether is goes to market as veal or as beef.

Certified Organic Crops

Certified Organic means that throughout the entire farming process, from planting to watering, through to harvesting, we follow strict government guidelines regarding Organic Crops and Produce. We do not use ANY chemicals, no pesticides, no herbicides, no sewage sludge, we don’t even need to irrigate on our spring fed farm. We then carefully harvest all our organic produce by hand, and wash it in pure spring water, and sell it within about 125 km or less of our farm often within 24 hrs of picking.  We pride ourselves on low impact farming with nature’s systems.

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